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Challenge 112 voting

- as a comment to this post, vote for 2 favourites in order, votes are weighted
- voting will end wednesday
- good luck!
- voting form

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I'm feeling a bit swamped at the moment, so I hope you don't mind if you get 2 weeks to enter challenges from now on, possibly if it picks up and a lot of people want it we can go back to one challenge a week. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments, or offer to help out running this ship.
house- if desiring

Challenge #112

Time to have a challenge for Luke and the ladies in his life.

- you may enter up to 6 icons
- you may use any images featuring (or in any other way representing) Luke and his ladies (that aren't Lorelai). ;)
- you can blend images
- you can reuse images
- all textures, text, brushes, effects, are allowed
- animation is not allowed

example of images you can use-

Couldn't find any images of Anna Nardini, but I'll allow her as well, of course. As usual I'm not very picky, just do what you can with the theme. Hate-icons are allowed as long as they're not offensive, with bad language and such. You understand.

Please ask if you have any questions!

DUE: sunday october 19th (6PM GMT)