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Challenge #103: Voting

Hi there, my little cupcakes =D Time to vote again! Please encourage your friends to vote as well (just don't tell them to vote for you, but you knew that ;)), we haven't gotten as many votes lately as we normally do, and it's always more fun when the winners are clearly determined.

- vote for 3 favourites in order, votes are weighted
- voting will end sunday
- good luck!
- voting form

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house- if desiring

Challenge #103

Hi! So far only one person have voted in challenge 102, so if you're not that person, please go here.
Also, feel free to suggest a challenge here. =) Here's a new challenge suggested by a member:

~any characters allowed~

- you may enter up to 6 icons
- you may use any images relating to the theme. quote icons relating to friday night dinners are also allowed, you don't have to use a screencap.
- you can blend images
- you can reuse images
- all textures, text, brushes, effects, are allowed
- animation is not allowed

example images- but you may find your own as well-

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DUE: friday july 18th (8PM GMT)